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About The HMO Experience Podcast

The HMO Experience is a brand new property podcast where your hosts Jamie, Steve and Matt share their knowledge and expertise to help you make job-replacing income & build your wealth with HMO properties.

If you want to invest in HMO property for financial independence or you simply need to create income fast from Rent2Rent, you’re going to LOVE ‘The HMO Experience’ podcast!

You can also watch all episodes on The HMO Experience's YouTube channel, where you have access to additional bonus content #HMOHacks - bitesized nuggets of useful tips and tricks for your HMO property business.

We’ve got loads of amazing content AND we also want you to get involved & tell us what else you need by joining our online community - The Property & HMO Forum - and posting your questions and feedback on each episode.

If there is something specific you want to know about HMO properties or starting & scaling a HMO business, make sure you post those questions too and we guarantee to cover your question(s) in future episodes!

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